Late MP Nebanda; Mourners furious and threatening to take coffin to State House

Mourners attending a memorial service for the murdered Nebandah have become furious, and threatening to take the coffin of the deceased to the gates of state house if the family pathologist is not released and allowed to continue his journey to South Africa. They have also threatened to call a nationwide demonstration if it is found out that the samples were at any time separated from the doctor and thus could have been manipulated or swapped. Image

The doctor transporting Butaleja woman MP, Cerinah Nebanda’s remains to South Africa intercepted and  stopped from proceeding out of the country at Entebbe Airport.

Nebanda’s body samples were to be taken to South Africa for further examination to find out what substance was found in her lungs and pancreas. According to one of the doctors who carried out the autopsy of the deceased, Chris Baryomunsi, “The toxins could have entered her body and caused those changes but nothing is conclusive. We want to see if they are toxins and identify which are those toxins.” The results of the report are going to be brought back in three days.

MPs stormed out of the memorial church service after Baryomunsi informed them of the development.

Without these results, the real cause of death of 24-year-old Nebanda will remain a mystery, just like most deaths in the parliamentary world.




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