Late MP Nebanda’s Pathologist Charged with Abuse of Office

By Samuel Ouga

Hon Benard Atiku; MP for Ayivu County spent a night at the Police Rapid Response Unit in Kireka, where Dr. Onzivua was detained overnight by security. He was joined by Hon Kassiano Wadri, Hon Joshua, Hon Fungaroo, Abdu Katuntu, Sam L and others. Benard acmped at RRU since yesterday and had vowed not to leave without the Doctor.

The MPs say all attempts at reaching the IGP, who allegedly gave express orders for detaining the pathologist, were in vain. ‘’The commandant of RRU madam Chelimo also refused to attend to us claiming whoever brought Dr here will come to release him.’’ Said Hon. Atiku

Doctor Onzivua was made to register a statement this morning at around 11am, and whisked off to court in the afternoon. He h

He has been charged with abuse of office apparently according the anti corruption act.

Doctor Onzivua was arrested at Entebbe air port yesterday where he was stopped from boarding a plane to South Africa, where he was headed to carry out more medical tests to determine the cause of the Late 24 year old Butaleja MP Nebanda.


MPs Camping at RRU Headquarters compound. Kireka

Police issued a press statements yesterday claiming the pathologist Sylvestre Onzivua, whom they arrested at Entebbe airport as he tried to fly out to South Africa, had no authority to undertake conclusive toxicological tests abroad without government involvement.

In a statement, the Force Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba notes that Dr Onzivua allegedly acquired the body parts “irregularly”. He is in custody at an unnamed confinement facility in Kampala, and the statement says detectives are questioning him on how he acquired the body parts, circumstances of their storage and who authorised him.

Parliament & the fallen MP’s family reportedly contracted the senior Makerere University lecturer to fly the samples to a South African laboratory for conclusive toxicological tests. Government now faults him for violating the law and procedure on doing autopsies.

The pathologist, according to police, was trying to “smuggle” the body parts out of the country.

However, during a special Parliamentary session this afternoon, MP Dr.Baryomunsi addressed parliament saying that they had a meeting at Mulago Hospital together with the police and agreed that the body samples be taken to SA. He says the pathologist had full authorization from police and therefore wasn’t doing anything illegal.
All these are now fanning more public suspicion of government involvement and possible cover up.

The family of the deceased is sighting foul play in their daughter’s death. The police action yesterday, further added to critiques arguments of those pointing fingers and saying that there seems to be a security cover up.


One thought on “Late MP Nebanda’s Pathologist Charged with Abuse of Office

  1. At this rate, Uganda now is a very dangerous country. May God protect the people of Uganda, especially those with independent and opposing view views to the current government.


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