President Yoweri Museveni Makes angry speech as MPs are Arrested


Residents demonstrate in Butunga Village, Butaleja District during the burial of fallen MP Cerinah Nebanda. Photo – Daily Monitor.

Reports Samuel Ouga –                                                                                                                  Police today stormed the residence of Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko in Old Kampala where he was arrested for reportedly saying he knew the real killers of Nebanda.

Efforts by Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde and other top politicians to rescue him did not bear fruit as the MP was transferred to the Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) headquarters in Kireka, Kampala for grilling.

MP Dr.Chris Baryomunsi has been arrested from Kanungu while heading to his home for Christmas  He is being driven back to Kampala.

MP Theodore Sekikuubo’s house was also besieged by police. In a brief statement, Police vowed to seize MPs Sam Lyomoki, Chris Baryomunsi and Medard Bitekyerezo “to substantiate on their role during postmortem exam of Nebanda and for defying Police summons.”

 The Police raids come against the backdrop of President Yoweri Museveni’s speech in which he said that all members of the public including MPs will be answerable to their statements in regard to the Butaleja lawmaker’s death.

Addressing the media at State Lodge, Nakasero in Kampala today, Museveni said he would not tolerate MPs who interfere with Police work. He said it was unheard of for lawmakers to go to the mortuary the way they did during the postmortem of Nebanda.

Museveni further said if Police wanted to arrest the MPs who slept in Parliament; the Speaker would have been asked to produce them.

“We shall not allow Parliament to give sanctuary to criminals,” the President charged.

“If they (MPs) want asylum, they should go to the US Embassy.”

Regarding the dramatic arrest of a pathologist hired by Parliament and Nebanda’s family to carry out an independent investigation into the legislator’s mysterious death, Museveni said Sylvester Onzivua was “breaking the law.”

He accused the pathologist and MP Chris Baryomunsi for conniving to “steal” body samples of Nebanda from the mortuary of Mulago Referral Hospital.

“MP Baryomunsi who was called in to help the hospital and Police pathologists decided to steal samples together with his colleagues,” said Museveni.

The President also asked Nebanda’s mother to “be brave enough to face” the fact that her daughter could have died of cocaine.

But the law enforcement agency says the MPs’ conduct during the investigation into Nebanda’s death was “highly suspicious and strange.”

Meanwhile, there was drama during burial of the late MP Nebanda in Butaleja yesterday. The President’s condolence message was torn to pieces, government officials forced to flee for their safety, and their cars pelted with crude missiles, as the burial of Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda turned rowdy yesterday.

The Sunday afternoon send-off had started like any other, with mourners queuing to view the casket at Butaleja District headquarters, where the last funeral service was held.

Trouble started when Lt. Gen. Moses Ali, the third deputy Prime Minister, was invited to speak. Angry mourners said they did not want to listen to government representatives following the controversy over what killed the 24-year-old MP. “We no longer want Museveni,” angry residents shouted. “Let him go back and begin looking after his cattle; Museveni tumukooye [we are tired of Museveni]”.

Lt. Gen. Ali, who was representing the President, had the condolence message plucked from him and torn to pieces by angry residents.

Despite the heavy deployment of police officers, many government officials who turned up for the burial were chased away or forced to flee for their safety. Police officers and other security agents had to intervene after thousands of mourners lining the Butaleja-Mbale road began pelting government-registered cars, including that of Lt. Gen. Ali, with stones and improvised missiles.

Leaders flee
Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was among the government officials who were forced to leave the function prematurely by rowdy residents, who blocked Gen. Ali’s speech. Before her departure, the Speaker had sought to distance Parliament from the official preliminary autopsy report that the government says was done in London and which a senior health official said showed traces of alcohol and narcotics in the dead MP’s body.

“I was shocked to learn that Dr Sylvester Onzivua, whom we had okayed to take samples to South Africa had been arrested and yet we had agreed with police that he takes samples for examination to South Africa,” Ms Kadaga told mourners.

“For now, there is no report. We shall not believe in this one as Parliament and we shall not sit down until we get a true one.” Nebanda was buried at her ancenstral home in Butunga Village in Butaleja Town Council, Butaleja District yesterday.


5 thoughts on “President Yoweri Museveni Makes angry speech as MPs are Arrested

  1. The Govt. Was wrong in their report and there is not even a single Ugandan who can believe that the Legislator died of Drugs as alleged by the Govt.’s report.
    Let them be abit fair when making postmotem reports.
    Even the Speaker, Mrs. Kadaga said she knows her MPs very well, she knows those who boose and those who dont and that she cant be convinced that Cerinah Nebanda could take drugs/alcohol.


  2. The people of Butaleja were right to behave in that manner because the Govt. Falsely accused their Legislator of taking Nicortics. Even the news of the death of their MP was still fresh on their minds and the Govt failed to come up with a proper report as regards the death of their representative in the National Council.


  3. This issue was more political than a reality. Why was it very necessary to get so many samples in the first place? Couldn’t one sample be enough? What if the sample that was being taken to South Africa was not genuinely from nebanda’s organs? Why it is that it’s the one that every opposition was believing to be the genuine one. Can’t this be a political card that it was also tampered to have a ground of black mail Museveni’s government so that the opposition would have more grounds in the coming election?


  4. Peace Peace Peace, God bless Uganda and its people. You are our good neighbours, and we pray for peace in East African countries. God be with you always.


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