Late MP Nebanda Nurse Disappears

Samuel Ouga – 

The nurse who attended to Cerinah Nebanda in the MPs final minutes has been abducted, according to her uncle.

Mariam Nsubuga who attended to the late 24 year old MP Nebanda was reportedly arrested and detained at Kabalagala police station. The latest news is that she disappeared from the prison cell and her whereabouts are not known.

According to her uncle, Kasirye, ”Every time I call my niece’s phone, she picks up and talks but it sounds like she is being held against her will and sayings words dictated to her by the captors.”  

”We are so worried about her safety now.” The Uncle lamented.

It is reported that before her death, Nebanda was rushed to hospital by three people. Of the three were a doctor, a nurse and her alleged boyfriend, Adam Suleiman Karungi whose whereabouts are still not known. It is not clear however if Nalwanga was the unidentified nurse who rushed the deceased to the hospital and disappeared shortly afterwards.


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