Police Stop Joze Chameleon at Entebbe Airport



Reports Samuel Ouga –

Police today Intercepted Singer Dr Joze Chameleon at Entebbe International Airport  and Stopped  from flying Out of. He was whisked back to Kampala by Police.

Police say  they need Jospeph Mayanja aka Dr. Chameon to assist them with some investigation.

Police are investigating the circumstances under which a local resident; Robert Karamagi allegedly got and fire in Chameleon’s compound and later died.

Police is set to question all the mentioned parties who were at singer Jose Chameleone’s house on the day that one Robert Karamagi who is allegedly to have set himself on fire.

Among the people who are expected to appear before the Police to be grilled include Chameleone’s wife, Danielle and a host of the famous Leone Island crew whose names we are yet to establish.

Chameleone has denied any involvement of him and anyone in his circles and has since yesterday come out to defend himself.

The new move by Police comes after a 13 year Old kid confessed seeing Chameleon’s crew beating up the late before setting him on fire.


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