List Containing Signatures of MPs Recalling Parliament Confiscated

By Samuel Ouga – 

A list containing signatures of MPs petitioning the Speaker to recall Parliament for a special sitting over the arrest of fellow MPs relating to their comments about the death of the 24 year old Butaleja MP; Cerina Nebanda.

Hon Muhamed Nsereko, Brenda Nabukenya and Hon Ssemujju while visiting Hon Kipoi Nsubuga ,who is on remanded for treason, had him sign the petition to recall parliament.  The list was later confiscated by the OC, who said he will first consult the prison chief over the list.

The petition to recall parliament has deeply divided the ruling party, pitting the President on one side who has angrily warned party members of dire consequences if they signed the petition to recall Parliament.

The President tried in vein to talk Speaker Rebecca Kadaga against accepting to the petition to recall Parliament reasoning that its a constitutional right for MPs to petition the speaker to recall parliament from recess if they if the required signatures can be obtained.

By last evening over 130 MPs had signed the petition. A number above what is required to recall Parliament from recess.

There is a looming showdown between the executive and the parliament.


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