Bad Black Fixes Breasts as Meddie Ssentongo Dares Zari’s Hubby from Prison

Former Kampala socialite and jailbird Bad Black aka Shanita Namuyimbwa has successfully had her breast implants fixed after she secured a sh100m bail to seek treatment.

Black, who is serving a four-year jail sentence for fraud and embezzlement after she practically run her white boyfriend, David Greenhalgh’s company fortune aground, flew to Dubai last month for the much needed treatment.

Black said although she has not fully healed she has been partying in Dubai.
Bad Balck revealed that she checked into the same hospital – American British Surgical & Medical Centre (ABSAMC) – where she had the implants done by a Dr. Amo Muhamdi.

Following the treatment, Black posted on her Facebook wall praising the almighty for seeing her through the year 2012 and wished all her fans peace.

She also took time to jibe at her haters that “I greet all those who talk against me: you are doing a good job minding what is not your business!!!!”

Black revealed that she spent over sh60m on treatment, travel and upkeep for two weeks.

Black’s lawyer, Henry Kisaalu, confirmed that she indeed received treatment and said he expected her back soon to report to court today Friday as per her bail terms.

Meddie sends New Year message

Black’s co-accused and former lover Meddie Ssentongo who is serving an 18-month jail term sent a New Year message from Luzira prison assuring his fans that he still has money and is only waiting for his day of freedom when he will bring Kampala to its knees.

He said he is well up to date with what is trending on the Kampala social scene and even cautioned people like Zari’s hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga, that they should hold their breath for a showdown of who has the most money.

“The likes of Ssemwanga are kids to me when it comes to having money; I am going to come back on the social scene with a bang and bring Kampala to its knees and prove that I am swag itself!” Meddie assured.


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