Uganda’s National army; UPDF, tribal force?

The leadership structure shows names from one region

1. President & Commander in Chief, Rt Gen Yoweri Museveni

2. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima – Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)
3. Gen. Elly Tumwine- Special Adviser to President
4. Gen. Salim Saleh – Special Adviser to President
5. Gen. David Tinyefunza- Intelligence Co-ordinator
6. Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta- Deputy CDF based at Ministry of Defence (MOD) Mbuya
7. Maj. Gen. Jim Owesigire – CAF –Entebbe
8. Maj. Gen. Joram Mugume – Head UPDF Land Forces
9. Maj. Gen. Kale Kaihura – Inspector General of Police
10. Maj. Gen. Pecos Kutesa – UPDF Doctrine
11. Maj. Gen. Nathan Mugisha – Head of UNISOM Somalia
12. Babashaija – Director General Prisons
13. Brig. Sabiiti – UPDF Engineering Division
14. Brig. J. Mugume – Head Army Shop
15. Brig. Rusoke – Joint Chief of Staff (COS)
16. Brig. Burundi – 1st Divsion Commander
17. Brig. Kankiriho – 3rd Division Commander
18. Brig. Kalyebala – Commandant Kabamba Training Wing
19. Brig. Rwehururu – Adviser to CDF
20. Brig. Mugisha – Head Field Artillery
21. Brig. P. Mugyenyi – Head of Motorized Division
22. Brig. James Mugira – Head Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence
23. Col. T. Mugume – Chief of Finance UPDF HQ
24. Brig. Moses Rwakitarite – COS Air Force Entebbe.
25. Col. Shaban Bantariza – Head Kyankwanzi Political School
26. Col. David Muhoozi – Head Armoured Division, Masaka
27. Col. Ramadhan Kyamulesire – Head Legal Department of UPDF
28. Col. Byarugaba – Head Education Dept, MOD Mbuya
29. Col. Bakahumula – Chief of Personnel/ Administration
30. Col. Fred Mwesigye – Head of NEC/ Industrialisati o n
31. Col. P. Katirima – UPDF Chief Political Commissar
32. Col Kareba – UPDF Chief of Pensions and Gratuity
33. Col. Victor Mwesigye – Deputy Signal/ Communication Officer

34. Col. Mugisha – Head Miitary Police, Makindye.
35. Col. D. Twewombe – Deputy CMI
36. Col. Mushanyufu – UPDF Head of IT/Records
37. Col. Ronnie Balya – Director General Internal Security Organisation
38. Col. Muhoozi Kainerugaba – Commander of Special Forces Group
39. Lt. Col. Sabiiti – Commanding Officer Presidential Guard Brigade
40. Lt. Col. John Namanya – OPN PGB
41. Lt. Col. Birungi – UPDF Head of Artillery
42. Lt. Col. Nyarwa – UPDF Head of Marine Unit
43. Lt. Col. Kanyagonya – CMI Legal Officer
44. Col. Felix Kulaigye – UPDF Spokesman
45. Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda – UPDF Spokesman Somalia
46. Lt. Col. Bakoku Barigye – UNISOM Spokesman based in Mogadishu
47. Lt. Col. Karugaba – Deputy Chief of Logistics and Engineering
48. Lt. Col. Kagoro – UPDF Deputy Legal Officer, based at Mbuya
49. Lt. Col. Karemire – UPDF Head Protocol Section
50. Lt. Col. Grace Agaba – UPDF Director of Administration
51. Lt. Col. Tumisiime – Head Special Investigating Branch (SIB)
52. Lt. Col. Ishoke – Director CMI Counter Intelligence
53. Lt. Col. Winyi – UPDF Director of Records
54. Lt. Col. Kakuru – UPDF Director of Personnel
55. Major Tukacungura – UPDF Chief Prosecutor, Bombo
56. Major Mugyerwa – UPDF Director of Finance
56. Major Mbonye – Head JAT – CMI based at Kololo
57. Major Asaba – CMI Analyst based at Mbuya
58. Capt. Jonah Musinguzi – Director UPDF Forex Bureau
59. Mrs. Rosette Byengoma – Permanent Sec. MOD HQ Mbuya
60. Mrs. Naome Kibajju – Under Secretary MOD (I/C Logistics in UPDF)
61. Mrs. Buturo – Under Secretary (Finance) MOD Mbuya
62. Mrs. Mbabazi – Director Arms Factory Nakasongola
63. Mrs Kalenzi – SPPS – Defence to H.E based at Mbuya
64. Mr. Nawumanya – UPDF Head of Auditing Depart, Mbuya
65. Mr. Grace Turyagumanawe – Ex-Kampala Met. Police Commandant

NB – Uganda Police & Prisons heads are from Western Uganda.


One thought on “Uganda’s National army; UPDF, tribal force?

  1. this culminates from the foundation story of the UPDF, NRA by then where the recruits were predominantly westerners. This has a positive corellation and influence for that matter on the side of defence and general security of uganda as a nation.


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