Mbarara MP Bitekyerezo Bows to Pressure, Kneels before President Museveni and Apologises

By Samuel Ouga –

The Mbarara Municipality MP, Hon Dr. Bitekyerezo, on Tuesday bowed to pressure and apologized to President Museveni accusations that he had become indiscipline, not towing the NRM party line and siding with opposition MPs to tarnish Government image.

Dr. Bitekyerezo common referred t as Bitek, is one of the MPs were detained by police and still face possible charges over their remarks and stance of the late 24 year old Butaleja MP, Cerinah Nebanda.

He has also been among the most vocal MPs from the ruling NRM party who often took independent paths, clashing with Government especially over corruption scandals involving senior Government officials.

Following his continued clash with government, a section of NRM leaders in Mbarara led by the district NRM Chairman had started a move to gather signatures from voters to cause his recall from Parliament. They demanded that he apologies and pledge to tow the party line or risk being recalled from parliament.

In an abrupt secret Meeting at his Rwakitura on Tuesday, MP Bitekyerezo who was among a section of Mbarara District NRM leaders, knelt before the President and begged for forgiveness. President Museveni accepted his apology and cautioned him against being indiscipline.

President Museveni issued threats against MPs refusing to tow the party line and those signing a petition to recall Parliament over Nebanda’s death. ”They will face dire consequences.” he warned.

The Presidents threats seem to be working. 11 MP who earlier on signed on a petition to recall Parliament from recess for a special seating over Nebanda and the standoff with government, have now petitioned the speaker of Parliament to be allowed to withdraw their signatures.

The President in an earlier speech had vowed that Parliament will only be recalled over his dead Body. He labelled MPs pointing blaming Government over Nebanda’s death as ”Idiots, fools and buffoons.”


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