A take on the Final Kenya Presidential Debate 2013

Image Uhuru missed a chance of clearing the air on the Land issue. By refusing to answer the question, ”How much Land do you own?” left a bitter taste in many mouths. It was a tricky question too. Good thing is that all Candidates pledged to implement the new constitution to the letter. Citizens now have benchmarks to watch. I was however, disappointed that no mention of the potential potential oil wealth issue.

I also expected the debate to be structured on 3 issues; National resources, Land and Economy. Almost no mention was made on national resources like Oil, yet planning its extraction and use funds will be a very critical issue for the next government. Debate dwelt a lot on historical injustices.

Debate was long on economy yet no mention was made about jobs, industrialization, vision 2030, IT, value addition in agriculture and real productivity.

None of the candidates also spoke specifically about stimulus plans for the various professional sectors; What is there for the teachers, medical workers and so forth.

None spoke vividly on specifics.
However, another good point was that all candidates expressed faith and trust in the transformed Electoral Commission and the Judiciary. The judiciary appointed judges after an open advertisement of positions and candidates publicly vetted.
As I have indicated above, Uhuru lost points by avoiding the answer the land question and Raila, though made his comment tongue in cheek, his defense of Uhuru impressed some hearts, but he dint strike out as a brilliant debater.
Kenneth was sounding brilliant. Lady was so motherly.

May the best Candidate win come 4th of March; 7 Days away.

Which Candidate do you think won your heart through the Debate?


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