Burundi outs list of anti president Nkurunziza elements on social media

Anyone speaking up against Burundi President Nkurunziza via social media could get into trouble.

A list of Social Media accounts considered to be anti President Nkurunziza has surfaced online.

The list was upload on a French newS site;http://burundi-agnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/bdi_burundi_Sindumuja.pdf

Below is the list with a small English translation in the beginning.

Page 1
“The #Sindumuja on social networks: Facebook and Tweeter …
…it is interesting that 99% of people who use the tag #Sindumuja Hima are Burundians. Here is a list of some groups
#Sindumuja individuals. These are as the third member of the anti Country
Pierre Nkurunziza office of the President.
https://twitter.com/AmahoroI – AmahoroIwacuAmahoroI
https://twitter.com/novatnintunze – Novatus Nintunzenovatnintunze
https://twitter.com/pkaze – kaze prosperpkaze
https://twitter.com/akanyegeri – akanyegeriakanyegeri
https://twitter.com/GbikpiRuth – Ruth NirereGbikpiRuth
https://twitter.com/VitalRuyaga – NSHIMIRIMANAVitalVitalRuyaga
https://twitter.com/Nkengsab – Sabina NkengurutseNkengsab
https://twitter.com/ThierryU – Thierry UwamahoroThierryU
https://twitter.com/iburundi – iBurundiiburundi
https://twitter.com/nishelo – nishimikijimananishelo
https://twitter.com/eacvision1 – EAC @ VISION eacvision1
https://twitter.com/kbbjoel – Kezumuremyikbbjoel
https://twitter.com/pnininahazwe – Pacific NININAHAZWpnininahazwe
https://twitter.com/TissyFrash – DorianeTissyFrash
https://twitter.com/baconib – Blaise NIJIMBEREbaconib
https://twitter.com/ndekezijohnsonb – Ndekezi johnson babyndekezijohnsonb
https://twitter.com/S_Arielle_ – Sabushimike ArielleS_Arielle_
https://twitter.com/EnfantsDuPays – Children of the CountryEnfantsDuPays
https://twitter.com/3decapitate – Suore Xaveriane @ 3decapitate
https://twitter.com/NewBurundi – Anonymous BdianPresNewBurundi
https://twitter.com/KCNtsinzi – KC NtsinziKCNtsinzi
https://twitter.com/IdealTyp – Ideal-TypeIdealTyp
https://twitter.com/SOSMediasBDI – SOS MediaSOSMediasBDI Burundi –
https://twitter.com/WebbMalcom – Malcolm WebbWebbMalcom
https://twitter.com/albcontact – Albert Rudatsimburwaalbcontact
https://twitter.com/DavidGakunzi – David GakunziDavidGakunzi

Page 2
https://www.facebook.com/boris.evrard – Boris Mucowintore-Evrard

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