No Syrian refugee among French attackers

By Samuel Ouga


The coordinated terrorist assault in Paris on Friday night, which President François Hollande of France said was “planned in Syria, organized in Belgium, perpetrated on our soil with French complicity,” was conducted by three teams of Islamic State attackers. Seven of the attackers died, and authorities were looking for an eighth suspect on Tuesday as well as the suspected chief planner behind the attack.

The developments have led to a backlash of refugees from the middle East; especially Syrian refugees. The USA state of Texas issued a statement saying Syrian refugees are no longer welcome. Republican senators are also mooting plans to ask for a review of President Obama’s offer to resettle over 200,000 refugees in the US.

None of the Paris attackers identified so far have been Syrian refugees. All the attackers identified so far were French youth recruited by the evil ISIS.

One of the attacker had been carrying a passport that identified him as Ahmad al-Mohammad from Idlib, Syria, but officials now believe that the passport is a fake.
This horrific event shouldn’t make our hearts cold to the innocent refugees fleeing from the very evil are causing havoc on humanity. The thousands of children, women and innocent men fleeing for their lives should be helped.
Put yourself in the shoes of Syrian, Iraqi or Yemeni citizens right now. ISIS is putting our sense of humanity on trial. We can afford to make them win by accepting fear and hatred of a people.

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