Guvnor Ace abandons 68 year ‘Ancestor’ for young jewel

By Samuel Ouga

Leone Island backup singer Guvnor Ace who shot to the news after parading a 68 year old Swedish woman, has left his lawfully wedded ancestor in tears. Ssemawere Ronald famously known by his stage name Guvnor Ace has apparently dumped his  his aged Swedish wife; Mona-lisa Larsson and ran away with a younger Norway based Ugandan woman.


Heart broken Mona-lisa Larsson took to social media to vent her anger in broken English, in which she called her estranged lawfully wedded husband Ssemawere Ronald aka Guvnor Ace a ” cheap  and poor bush man after money…”


In an earlier post Mona-Lisa Larsson, says Guvnor Ace tricked her by asking her to go the shop, only to come back and find him gone. He allegedly fled with a Ugandan Woman to Norway. Aged Mona-Lisa accuses Gurvnor of having planned with Norway based girlfriend to dupe her  into marriage in order to gain entry to Europe and then abandoned her. She alleges Guvnor is now seeking political asylum in Europe. Below is the post;


The struggling Leone Island singer; Ronald Ssemawere, aka Guvnor Ace wedded her sweetheart Mona-Lisa Laron in a low key court wedding attend by a few close friends and family in September 2015, in Kampala.


Newly wedded Guvnor and Mona-Lisa Larsson holding their wedding certificate in September 2015 in Kampala.


Ssemawere Ronald, Mona-Lisa Larson, his mother and part of the wedding entourage at the Court registrar’s office on their wedding day.


Leon Island boss; Singer Joze Chameleon was also attended the wedding.

The 26 year old Ssemawere Ronald aka Guvnor Ace and his newly wedded 68 year old Mona-Lisa Larson spent their honey partying around Entebbe and Kampala beaches, bars and disco clubs drinking and eating all tribes of booze, food and enjoying tabloids attention.


In what was a classic case of “Age is just but a number” love story the two ‘Love birds’ freely parading intimacy and passionate affection in public places; cuddling, romantic hugs and kisses. Posting love messages and pictures on their social media pages.

Soon after their wedding singer Guvnor penned and released a love song for Mona-Lisa Larson. The song attracted considerable airplay  and radio interviews in some Kampala FM stations.



The Love single was titled Lisa, in which the 26 year old struggling singer expressed undying love for his 68 year old Mona-Lisa, that a Ugandan tabloid referred to as his ancestor because of the massive age gap.

In several media interviews and social media posts he rubbished the suggestions by many doubting Thomases that he was into the relationship for money or looking for a European visa, as many young, especially, young Ugandan girls are known to do; getting married to very old wrinkled white men for economic reasons.


Well, now it turns out that Gurvnor Ace was no different. He was certainly a ‘Visa Digger’ in the fake relationship. Heart broken Mona-Lisa didn’s see it coming.

After their wedding Mona Lisa briefly went back to Sweden, perhaps to arrange for his trip. In the absence of his ‘Ancestor,’ Gurnor Ace was spotted in several Kampala hangouts with a young mystery babe; pictured below.


Shortly after flying to Sweden; The newly wedded ‘Love birds’ visited a popular Swedish based Ugandan blogger known by an online name; Peng Peng where they were kissing and expressing their undying on a webcam. Check the video on this link; Gurnor Ace and Mona Lisa video with Peng Peng

Guvnor Ace has since deactivated his social media accounts.

Gurvnor Ace is undisputed master in the art of deception and a target worker with such skills of smoothness and patience. For his likes, I suggest the West should consider accepting Love Asylum seekers, on ‘Loveitarian’ grounds, to save the senior hard working citizens who served their countries well, from being heartbroken.

Now, I am still wondering, do such marriages with several decades age gap truly out of mutual love? It’s true the older can can always be genuinely in love. But do the young ones truly fall in love?


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